Alchemy Articles

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From time to time, either for the newsletter, or as a handout, we write about subjects of interest. To make it a bit easier to find them, we have organized all the articles on this page, so you can find what you are looking for.

  • The Brain Speaks Two - Reflections from a recent class by Catherine Whelan.
  • Chaos to Relaxation One solution to stress
  • What Keeps You From Self-Care? Talking Back to Those Voices With Lovingkindness and Information
  • After Your Session
    Take your time getting up - move gently and slowly, why do we say this?
  • Gift Giving
    When is massage the perfect gift and when is it not?ww
  • The Healing Power of ... Walking
    When I read stories about the travesty and disadvantage to people who have to walk two miles, one-way, each day to just collect their drinking water or have to walk such and such a distance for some other basic necessity; there is something inside me that states very clearly this is not quite the tragedy it is being made out to be.
  • We Love Babies
    Babies and children are free of the "stories" and compensation patterns that adults often pick up along the way.
  • Eating Well
    The Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen
    Doesn't mean we don't see you at the market, it's about honoring your privacy.
  • Listening
    Being heard is something that we all want and need, it honors us as individuals, it shows caring, and it provides validation.
  • A Different Point of View, reflections on mindfulness and getting what you asked for, by Mia Harper, LMT.
  • Dry Skin - Lotion or Cream?
    During the winter months, our practice uses about 30-50% more massage cream.
  • Lymphatic System Health
    Ssome tips that will enhance your overall health as well as your immune system function.
  • Massage and Depression
    Meta-Analysis Shows Massage Therapy Effectively Addresses Symptoms of Depression.
  • Optimize Your Session
    Amelia's tips for maximizing the outcome of your session
  • Palms Out Relieves Pain
    Neck, upper back and shoulder pain are very common these days.
  • Power of Choice
    Herbs, supplements and good clean food are not economic engines for massive profit.
  • The Theracane and Why We Like It
    We have used and recommended this wonderful tool for many years.
  • Tight Bra Syndrome
    Give the girls their freedom!
    Or why women might want to skip the underwire and let everything flow.