Cold and Flu Season

What You Need To Know About Receiving Massage and Bodywork when you are sick, might be getting sick.

We know how much you are looking forward to your massage; we know how much better you feel after your lymph drainage session, and what a difference craniosacral is making!

Yet, when do you decide to reschedule instead of coming in to the office for your session? Won’t it help you feel better?

Well the truth is, bodywork can often flush more of what is going on into your system, bringing on increased symptoms. We call this feeling like you were hit by a truck and really want to help you avoid that.

In massage school, we are all taught not to receive bodywork when getting or feeling sick. Every last one of us then pushes that envelope once, because we just don’t believe it will be a problem. Result: Hit by a truck syndrome. While we can never know for sure, it did seem like I got sicker, and for longer, when I got that massage in school right at the start of a cold. I learned my lesson, and won’t do that again!

There is also the common courtesy of not sharing the germs with others. Viruses and bacteria survive because they move from host to host, so their job is to convince you to be exposed to as many people as possible. Your job is to resist this temptation! If you might be contagious, staying home is always the best choice.

    Here are some circumstances when it might make sense to come in for your session:

  • Allergies and treated Sinus Infections – Lymph Drainage Therapy and CranioSacral Therapy can be very helpful in relieving inflammation and the resulting sinus pressure and pain. If you have an infection, please see your doctor first and visit when you are no longer contagious.
  • Pediatric Ear Infections – can be utterly miserable for baby as well as parents, CranioSacral Therapy is an important holistic support for baby’s healing and can bring pain relief.
  • A bronchial Infection, as it winds down – the coughing brought on by bronchitis or similar can make for sore ribs and back, while the accumulation of mucus in the lungs often keeps the coughing going on for weeks. Once treated by a doctor, and no longer contagious, we have many clients who will come for massage to relieve some of the aches and pains the coughing has brought on. Tapotement, a massage technique, helps to loosen secretions in the lungs, often bringing more productive coughs.

When in doubt, please call and talk with us.

We want to see you, and we want you to feel better after your session not worse. We also don’t want to catch what you have and have to be out of work ourselves!

Our cancellation policy asks you to call 24 hours, or more, in advance if you need to cancel an appointment. From there, we also understand that illness happens, and are always happy to get you rescheduled if either you or your child are too sick to come in.