Therapeutic Massage

Massage is the foundation of Alchemy Healing Arts Center and a starting point for so many different hands-on modalities. Shoulder pain, back pain, stress, sleep trouble, recovery from injury, depression, pregnancy, post-surgical, headaches - the lists of what massage benefits grows with every new study.

We are here to provide you with therapeutic massage and specialty bodywork that will relieve pain, restore your health and bring you ease and comfort. Please read on for details of our massage specialties.

Take good care of yourself, with massage.

Alchemy's Massage Therapists

Shelby Smith, LMT

Shelby Smith, LMT

Shelby is a second-generation massage therapist. She grew up learning and experiencing all the benefits of therapeutic massage from her mother, also a licensed massage therapist. This lifelong experience was a part of Shelby's inspiration to become a massage therapist. Shelby trained and earned her degree with the highly regarded Anne Arundel Community College Therapeutic Massage program in 2012.

Shelby is experienced in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone massage and integrates these skills into every session. Shelby's intent is that each client finishes their session with a sense of relief from pain and deep relaxation. Her goal is to facilitate an improved sense of wellness in her client's lives and especially within their bodies.

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Jaclyn Melsopp, LMT

Jackie Melsopp, LMT

Jackie is a New York native, former rugby player and yogi. She became a Yoga Teacher in 2010 and a Maryland Licensed Massage Therapist in 2013.

Jackie began her career in massage therapy with only a gut feeling and it’s been decision she’s never doubted. She specializes in Myofascial Release and deep tissue massage. She enjoys working with all the different bodies that have found their way to the table with her. Each body carries with it a different story, we have been shaped and influenced by the life we have lived. Our bodies often hold on to emotions and life’s experiences, therapeutic massage allows us a time and space to drop out of our heads and into our bodies. Body work can help us feel and connect rather than analyze and judge what is being expressed by our bodies.

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Elizabeth Sanders, LMT

Alchemy is pleased to welcome Elizabeth Sanders LMT, certified in Clinical Massage Therapy, she is an experienced therapist with training in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Myofascial Release. Elizabeth received her massage education in Hawaii at Hawaii Healing Arts College on the island of Oahu. After completing their 600 hour program she stayed on as a Hawaii State Licensed Massage Therapist in their clinic and pursuee a certification in Clinical Massage Therapy. She spent another year completing the 200 hour program, learning more about the wonderful and complex human body, and fine tuning her skills. She spent several years in Hawaii, continuing her education further, and working with variety of clients.

Elizabeth strives to help clients become more aware and in touch with their bodies. She believes one of the keys to facilitate healing and bring balance to the body is self-awareness. Through massage, she guides clients and helps them discover the connection of mind and body to achieve their balance.

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Erin Kennedy, RMP

Erin Kennedy, RMP

Erin has been practicing massage in the Annapolis area for over 17 years and we are very pleased to have her join us at Alchemy.

She has a wonderful intuitive touch, knows how to find and help areas that are chanllenged, and is effective with myofascial release and deeper work when needed. Erin has also trained in Nurturing The Mother PreNatal massage and has worked with countless women to bring a comfort and ease to their pregnancies.

Lynne Brummitt, MA, LMT, BCTMB

Lynne Brummitt, MA, LMT

Lynne is a seasoned massage therapist and professor with over fifteen years of experience. Lynne graduated from the Baltimore School of Massage in 1998, she also holds a BS in psychology from Virginia Tech and a MA in Exercise Physiology from the University of Maryland. In addition to her private practice, Lynne has been a professor at the Anne Arundel Community College Therapeutic Massage program since 2001. A few years ago she became full time faculty and last year was promoted to Chair the department as well.

As you can imagine, a massage therapy instructor really has to be good at what they teach, Lynne is. She is a highly experienced therapist who combines her training in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Myofascial massage to create the session that is most therapeutic and supportive of her client's needs. Lynne is also certified in Claire Marie Miller's Integrative Reflexology (our favorite style), which she can add to your massage session.

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Amelia Mitchell, LMT, LLCC, BCTMB

Amelia Mitchell, LMT Amelia provides deeply restorative and nurturing Therapeutic Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy that heals and enhances health, relaxes sore muscles, and soothes the spirit. She also specializes in Pre-Natal Massage as a certified Nurturing the Mother therapist.

Amelia often combines Lymph Drainage Therapy with Swedish massage techniques and other bodywork protocols to bring the body to a new level of health. Amelia is the co-owner of Alchemy Healing Arts Center.

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