Yin Yoga

Embracing more passive poses and the opportunity to deeply relax into those postures, Yin Yoga is a far more meditative approach to yoga. Through longer holds, Yin Yoga applies a gentle stress to the tissues. This gentle stress helps increase elasticity, circulation, and strength.

At Alchemy, Yin Yoga is practiced one on one in a private session, allowing the postures and meditations to be focused on the client’s needs that day. Our Yin Yoga practitioner, Jackie Melsopp, LMT, will also integrate Myofascial Massage techniques as appropriate, thus enhancing the depth of the session.

Yin Yoga allows the time and space to simply be in a posture and deeply within your skin. Encompassing postures that span joints such as the hips, knees, sacrum, and spine, Yin Yoga accesses these areas in a slow, supported way that gently brings opening and change. The work is primarily offered on the floor on a mat, with bolsters and blankets for comfort and positioning. Meditation and breath work are incorporated as well.

"I have been so thrilled with Jackie......I am sorry I have not given you prior feedback, my words are not eloquent enough to do her magic justice. I cherish my time spent with her, she is such a lovely caring person and an expert in her craft. Thank you for creating an environment where truly talented therapists can assist clients such as myself in feeling better in their own bodies." HB

Benefits of Yin Yoga

  • Enhanced mobility and flexibility
  • Healthier more stable joints
  • Can help restore a normal range of motion
  • Release of fascia and adhesions
  • Reduced stress
  • Enhances and supports Yang physical practices -Vinyasa and Power Yoga, Crossfit, Lifting, etc.
  • An increased sense of mindfulness and body awareness
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Who Is Suited to Yin Yoga?

Are you over-tired or over stimulated? Do you have trouble slowing down? Are you feeling burned out in our fast-paced world? Is your mind on overdrive? Does meditation seem impossible? Are you “not the kind of person” who can let go?

In a world where we feel like we never have enough time, there’s often a fear that when we’re doing more passive and restorative yoga that we’re not doing enough. This is a prime example of Yang mentality; Yang energy is what gets us doing our To-do lists. It’s a very tangible sense of doing. However, Yin allows us to see the value in stillness. It’s an intangible energy that allows us to be in the present moment with our bodies, minds, breath to simply BE.

Yin Yoga will teach you to listen, and hear, the subtle language of your body. It will help bring balance to the sensory overload of a Yang filled life. Restoring stability and flexibility, which often decrease imperceptibly over the years, Yin Yoga can bring new freedom of movement and body awareness.

Jackie Melsopp, LMT

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang are known since ancient times as complimentary forces within the Taoist concept, the two equals necessary to create a whole. Qualities of Yin are quiet, supported, receptive, nourishing; a more passive experience. Yang qualities are active, dynamic, energetic, and intense; a more engaged experience. Both are a part of the whole, both equally important.

Modern life is full of Yang energy; work, chores, errands, and activities, often asking ourselves to do more and more. Even the things we are adding into life to bring relaxation are active and busy – a Vinyasa Yoga class, lifting, hiking, or a night out with friends. These are wonderful aspects of life, and they are also far more Yang than Yin. By bringing in more Yin, we find balance. When our bodies are functioning in balance, we are able to enjoy, and be present in our lives.

Yin and Yang are expressed in the body through different tissues. The more pliable and mobile muscles and blood are Yang, while the connective tissues – fascia, tendons, and ligaments are Yin. In bodywork, deep tissue and sports massage are Yang, while restorative massage, Myofascial Release, Lymph Drainage or CranioSacral Therapy are Yin. Where is the Yin in your life? Are you able to embrace the quiet, the receptive, or the inner world?

"I'm feeling deeply grateful for my path of self-discovery and expansion. Many thanks to Amelia and many thanks to this amazing group for helping me along on this worthwhile path."

Lots of Questions


  • Sessions are private, working one on one with Jackie Melsopp, LMT
  • Work is done on a large padded mat on the floor
  • Bolsters, blankets, blocks, and straps are used to aid the body in relaxing into a posture

What to Wear?

  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely
  • If it works for you, shorts and a tank top will allow for added Myofascial Massage
  • You are welcome to change clothes before your session at Alchemy

Session Length and How Often?

  • For the first few sessions an hour and a half session (90 minutes) is required to fully allow you to benefit from the experience
  • For those who regularly practice Yin Yoga at Alchemy, sessions may be shortened to an hour, if appropriate and desired
  • To start – weekly or bi-weekly to give your body time to integrate the changes
  • Plan 3-4 sessions to start to allow yourself to fully experience the process
  • Bi-weekly and monthly sessions are often great maintenance
  • Yin Yoga integrates well with your regular Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork sessions

What if I am old and stiff and can hardly get on and off the floor?

  • That really is ok - each session is designed to meet your needs comfortably and gently
  • Yin is not about pushing, it is about allowing
  • Jackie is friendly, patient, and accepting
  • Come give it a try!

I practice yoga, why add Yin?

  • Most yoga classes (Vinyasa, Power, Ashtanga) incorporate very few Yin elements, often we push our bodies to get into the postures
  • In Yin, we use the postures as a way to get into our bodies
  • Your practice, flexibility, and ability to be with your challenges will be enhanced
  • You will gain new body awareness
  • Yin Yoga brings a balance to your asana practice and helps you understand the balance of effort and ease
  • Yin is great for those with hyper mobility as well, helping to stabilize joints
  • You will leave with tools and skills that you can incorporate into your own practice, bringing Yin to your life daily.
Jackie Melsopp, LMT

Jaclyn Melsopp, LMT

Jackie is a New York native, former rugby player and yogi. She became a Yoga Teacher in 2010 and a Maryland Licensed Massage Therapist in 2013.

Jackie began her career in massage therapy with only a gut feeling and it’s been decision she’s never doubted. She specializes in Myofascial Release and deep tissue massage. She enjoys working with all the different bodies that have found their way to the table with her. Each body carries with it a different story, we have been shaped and influenced by the life we have lived. Our bodies often hold on to emotions and life’s experiences, therapeutic massage allows us a time and space to drop out of our heads and into our bodies. Body work can help us feel and connect rather than analyze and judge what is being expressed by our bodies.

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